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I’ve never seen them before. I noticed a small spot on my son’s shoulder in the change room but didn’t think too much of it, so we went on our merry way to do some swimming. Unfortunately, the kiddie portion of the pool was shut down just moments after we entered (an issue with no chemicals in the water) so our only real option was the hot tub (the main pool was pretty jam packed from all the kids moved from the kiddie pool). It was there that I noticed them. The spots…ALL OVER.

They weren’t bothering him, and I wasn’t worried, though I was curious to know what they were and WHY they were on his body. So I asked a couple of lifeguards who seemed to think they were hives, but since we didn’t know for sure, felt it was irresponsible of them to let us continue swimming. My poor little guy was SO devastated, and I was too – for him! Thankfully we got our money back though and were still able to have some fun for the rest of the day.

Here’s a photo…this was in the change room of the swimming pool. This was just the start…they got a bit worse, crawling up his neck and face…but never really causing him any grief (thankfully) and going away after just two days! I still have no idea what may have caused the outbreak and am, of course, hoping it doesn’t happen again.

Poor little guy (it really does look worse than it was….)

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