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The Calgary Zoo {The Ugly}

Alright, alright….a lot of work goes into making sure The Calgary Zoo is anything but ugly, and I would agree they do a great job. Really they do. But let me tell you about my visit there, what I found out, and why it didn’t surprise me.

After our morning at The Calgary Zoo, we went to spend some time with my cousin and her kids. While I was telling her about our zoo experience, she mentioned that they are getting rid of the Elephants. I can’t remember if I have heard it before, and maybe it’s not news to anyone else, but it felt like new information to me.

Always hammin' it up that kid!

 New information maybe….but not a surprise after our zoo trip. Here’s why:

I have always loved elephants. There is something so amazing about them – is anyone getting the feeling that I love ALL animals? It’s true….lol

We were happy to find the one elephant close by, but something struck me immediately. Can you see it?

Such sad eyes

 He/She {not sure} just looked SO sad to me. Apparently studies done have shown that Elephants thrive in large groups, and as a result these elephants will be sent to a different location {undecided as of yet} with more elephants so they can really recreate an experience similar to what they need. Did that really take a study to figure out? Sometimes I think money is spent unnecessarily – couldn’t we determine this by simply seeing how elephants organize their family groups in the wild? Nature has a way of doing things the best way possible – I’m surprised that in this case it wasn’t just naturally followed initially. Thankfully though, The Calgary Zoo is now taking steps towards bettering the lives of their elephants and are looking for a new home for them. One that can facilitate their need for larger family groups and can accommodate a group of that size {wish Calgary could do it…oh wait how about in the Canadian Wilds section??? lol}. This change will take place at some point in the next 5 years – and while I’ll be sad to see them go, it makes me happy to think of them having the opportunity to thrive.

All that said, I was so excited to capture this photo….it really looks like a smile, don’t you think?

Doesn't it make you smile too?

I just wanted to reach out and touch him/her. Obviously you can’t – and I wouldn’t have anyways, but – especially with the sad eyes – I just wanted to offer this elephant a little tlc. {are you giggling at me right now?}

The elephant did have a little fun and I was able to capture the *dust throw* 🙂

Picking up the dirt...

Don't like the bar in the way - but love the dirt toss!

I was happy to see it wasn’t all *sad eyes* – though I can’t forget that initial look. It was piercing and real.

I almost wish there would be like 3-5 nationally designated zoos that could really build incredible sites for the animals…and yes I would want Calgary to be one of them!

What are your thoughts?

**Disclosure: I visited The Calgary Zoo on my own dime during a recent trip to Calgary.

None of my visit nor my resulting blog posts have been compensated in any way.

All in all I LOVE the zoo and the kids and I had a GREAT time!**

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