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A Christmas of Memories {The Projects – The Quilt} #makingmemories

The third and final project was for my mother in law and involved an idea that originated when my uncle passed away when I was a teenager. My cousins took his clothes and made quilts ~ Genius. So when my father in law passed away in 2009, I requested his clothes, despite strange looks from my mother in law. She often thinks I’m crazy {she might be right}. And, I finally decided it was time.

It ended up being a fairly quick project {about 5 days}, though it’s nowhere near perfect. I’m sure there are hundreds of things wrong with it – but it turned out even better than I expected. And I am SO happy I finally made the time. It’s warm and cozy, and the best part is that it holds so many memories. I loved listening to Brent’s family reminiscing about the different pieces and hearing about all the memories they had of them.


I had NO idea how all the different pieces would look together. But I love it.

There were shirts from his time in China, one gifted from my sister in law after her trip to Italy, shirts that came from stage productions he was in {Camelot, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Music Man, etc.}, his housecoat {complete with bleach stain}, comfy sweaters, a suit vest, pants with an oil stain, and more.


A peek at the super soft backing…Perfect to snuggle under.


The full view {it’s a Queen size}

Gifting these items really added to the awesomeness {it’s a word, I promise} of our Christmas. As I wrote on the gifts for my mother and mother in law:


Because the best part about MAKING memories is KEEPING them.


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