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California Trip – {Hampton Inn Idaho Falls}

Continuing on our journey, we decided that Idaho Falls would be the best place to stop next. We took a chance and booked through Hotwire.

**Years ago, on a trip to Utah, my mother and I had a room at The Hampton. I was so impressed back then with the hotel that it has, since then, remained my favorite hotel**

Imagine my excitement when the hotel we booked through Hotwire was THE HAMPTON INN! I raved and raved to my cousin, Radelle about how awesome this hotel was. It’s not that I could remember anything specific about the trip, I just remember LOVING it. But on and on I raved…then I got a little worried that this experience would not live up to my memory and expectation. So keeping myself a bit in check, I waited in anxious anticipation to see if my memory served me well.

Well, let me tell you! We walked into the lobby and saw immediately to our right (photo above) a hot apple cider booth (be still my heart), and beside that…. A MASSAGE THERAPIST!!!! She was there for the evening offering complimentary neck and back massages (massage chair). Yes, we died….and no, that wasn’t all. Walking up to the front desk we saw another beverage table – this time filled with hot chocolate, tea, and coffee! They thought of everything…and for us, coming from the warmth of California and being rudely thrown into snow, this was perfect! For us AND the kids!

Talking to her daddy on Skype

Checking in brought us more good news…Customer Appreciation Day! The hotel was bringing in pizza for dinner and all the hotel guests were invited (yes, they saw our 3 kids. lol). I mean, how much more perfect can a hotel stay get? We loaded our stuff to the room (beautiful), promptly took the kids down to dinner, and then took turns getting massages (a lovely treat).

Trying to show the size of the bathroom...

Our stay was awesome, and we were sad we hadn’t spent all of our hotel stays in the Hampton. It was, easily, our favorite hotel of the trip. And not only lived up to my expectations, but far exceeded them (yes, I realize we won’t get pizza and massages every time), AND made my cousin a huge fan as well!

All hotels have them, I know...but something about the entire feeling - so inviting!

The room was roomy and clean and updated….the bathroom was HUGE and beautiful…and, although we were anxious to get home and see our men, we’d have happily stayed a few nights in this place!

I LOVE this hotel…and I’m certain you will too!

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