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A Christmas of Memories {The Projects – American Girl Doll Clothes} #makingmemories

Well I’ve said it was the BEST Christmas ever…and I meant it. The Activities were amazing, the gifts incredible, but the projects….my major projects could not have turned out better. Not in a *pat my own back* kinda way, but rather, that they turned out how I had planned. I love when that happens {especially when there is no plan B}.

I had 3 major projects I was working on. One for Brooklyn, the Blurb book for my mom, and one for my mother in law.

Brooklyn’s special gift was, of course, clothes for her American Girl doll. Which she LOVED! My friends and I got together once a week for a day of sewing – we all had projects to get done for Christmas. It was awesome, and I set this day aside for sewing these clothes and the pyjama bottoms for our kids and our nephews

Because of the other projects I had, I lowered my personal expectation of this particular one. In an ideal world I would have had a big box filled with clothes for her doll. But, my time was limited, and as such, I settled on a small assortment – enough to give her some variety and options.

All in all I was able to make {in addition to 10 pairs of jammies} 4 tank tops, 3 skinny jeans, and one pair of jammies {thanks to Liberty Jane Patterns}.


Cute matching jammies


Hot pink skinnies and 1 of 5 tank tops


Back pocket detail -and embarrassing closeup of my not so stellar sewing skills.


Second tank top


Third tank top and light jean skinnies


This fabric was really difficult to work with, but I pushed through. And love that contrasting pink fabric {can you see it?}


Also, a fun and contrasting hot pink waistband


Fourth tank top {yes, I have a thing for stripes}


And these classy and awesome pinstripe skinnies. Plus the final tank too {not stripes!}

And now, I am having fun sewing a few more items without a deadline. I have done 3 dresses so far, but have plans for more jammies, some different shirts, capris, shorts, and some leggings. Brooklyn is loving it!


Using leftover fabric from a skirt I made her a couple of years ago.

brooklyn skirt

Gorgeous! {Photos taken by my cousin, Radelle of Eternal Reflections Photography}


Cute and casual

And finally I made her this adorable dressIMG_7813

The best part about it? It matches this pillowcase dress I just *whipped up* for Brooklyn:


{in case you are wondering, she does in fact, have TWO legs lol}



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