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Wave Pools Make Me Nervous #makingmemories

The mere idea of my kids in a wave pool takes my anxiety to new  heights.

So when a friend suggested we take the kids over Christmas holidays I had to force myself to be the *fun mom* and try it out. Why, you may ask? I’m certain it all stems from when I was a kid….I’m short and not a stellar swimmer….and if I was a wee bit too deep when the waves started, I wasn’t able to touch. And I would bareful get to touch again before the next wave would come in….and on and on. Nothing like that panicky *almost drowning* feeling to build childhood swimming memories from.


Then there’s the time I almost did actually drown in the wave pool…you know….trying desperately to pull myself up on the ledge of the wall as each wave came and pushed me high enough to grab….but not quite making it. Getting so tired….don’t worry, I finally did it. And, didn’t, in fact drown {in case you were worried}. But wave pools do FREAK.ME.OUT.


Not so much for me anymore….for my kids.

Anyways, we decided to go… Our wave pool is MUCH smaller than the one I grew up going to…and it doesn’t get as deep either. AND my kids were great at staying within the boundaries I set for them. So, instead of having an anxiety ridden afternoon at the wave pool, we had FUN!

Lots and lots of fun!


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