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So Many Clowns So Little Time {#OPI}

I always have my toenails painted. always {even 9 months pregnant I was still painting them faithfully}. And I love colour – bright bright colour!

The problem I have is that I get easily suckered by the $3 nailpolish at Walmart, etc. despite how much I would love a collection of the better quality polishes {ie OPI and others}. While getting a pedicure, my friend and certified esthetician pointed out that although she understands why I buy the cheap ones, there is a definite difference in the way the better ones apply. *I know I know*

But the truth is too, that when I’m planning on spending the money {I act like they are hundreds of dollars lol}, I have a more difficult time deciding on a colour. Yeah, it’s a little daunting…and I usually want several at a time.

That’s why I’m glad that there are people like Kate from The Small Things Blog around, to help share their opinions and personal faves on all things beauty related. I’ve quickly become a huge fan of hers {along with only about 12,000+ blog followers – not to mention those that follow without *following* lol} and check in daily to see what she’s posted.

Her recent Nail Polish Favorites post was of particular interest to me – It’s a great place to start…to see the brands someone else likes and compare them to my personal tastes. I also knew I would be paying a special trip to a beauty supply store on our recent trip to Whitefish, and was determined to get something new.

And wouldn’t you know, I found one she blogged about on clearance for $1.99! Yes it was OPI, though strangely not for my toes. One of her favorite neutrals, So Many Clowns So Little Time has easily and quickly become a favorite of mine – for my fingernails. I love colour there too but don’t take enough care to keep them chip free.

*photo from beautyjunkiesunite.com*

And yes, there IS a difference in the way it goes on. I love this nailpolish, both the brand and the colour. Thanks Kate for the recommendation – there are a couple more on her list I am eager to add to my collection.

*sigh* I love polish! What are your must haves?

**Disclosure: I purchased the above mentioned polish on my own accord. I chose to share

my opinion because I love it so much. I should say, though that I was gifted OPI’s *I’m His Coral Friend* for my

birthday last year andLOVE wearing it on my toes. This stuff really is fabulous!**

photo from alllacqueredup.com

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