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Goodbye Movember…And The Monkey Tail

For the second year in a row, my husband has participated in Movember. Aside from the fact that my uncle passed away earlier this year from Prostate Cancer, and we recently found out one of Brent’s extended family was just diagnosed – I think it’s also a good excuse for Brent to have some fun with his facial hair. And take a break from all that shaving!

This year Brent decided to go for the ever classic (ha!) *Handlebar* Moustache…

He was growing in the bottom chin part for his next *trick*

For the last two days of Movember, Brent enjoyed what’s known as the *Monkey Tail* – and received more than a few laughs as a result…I won’t be surprised if it becomes his Movember Tradition! LOL

The Monkey Tail - Too Funny!

Until next year…

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