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Ptarmigan Village {Our Week In Whitefish}

We love Whitefish…and we feel lucky enough to get to spend two weeks each year at our Condo there {no, it’s not JUST ours…or trust me, we’d be there WAY more}. We, along with most of Brent’s family, gather twice a year {a week each} to enjoy some serious fun and RnR at our unit in Ptarmigan Village.

For DAYS before we left, our kids were asking repeatedly if it was time to go…they love it. It’s amazing to spend time as a family. And to see our kids strengthen bonds with their cousins and aunts, uncles, and of course Grandma {Brent’s dad passed away 3 years ago}.

We spend the week swimming, playing, chatting, and of course shopping and eating!

Playing *Shark* with Brent

Ptarmigan Village is beautiful, nestled into the side of Big Mountain {close to the ski hill} amongst the fabulous forest. It creates the most amazing seemingly secluded getaway – close enough to shops and restaurants, but far enough away where you really feel like you’ve left EVERYTHING behind. There are several different types of units – something for every size of family – that are not just owned, but also rented out at reasonable rates. There is both an indoor and outdoor pool, though obviously it was a wee bit cold for the outdoor {which was most certainly empty anyways}., laundry facilities {though some units have their own}, and loads of amenities nearby.

Our particular unit has two bedrooms and a loft – and let me tell  you, we use EVERY. SINGLE. BED. plus air mattresses for the kids. Easter week was  particularly fun for us because the days were warm enough to not worry about coats, yet the nights were cool enough that a fire added just the right finishing touch. #purebliss

In fact, one of my favorite memories from the week is the time we spent at the beach! Yep, the beach – in Montana, in April {and then lighting the fire in the evening}. We stopped on a whim one day and the kids had a BLAST! Within minutes my oldest nephew was building a nuclear power plant and the others were making little pools. Us adults sat back and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the visual of the kids living it up!

The next day was beautiful again so we packed the kids up in their swimsuits {too cold to swim for sure but better to get swimsuits wet and sandy than jeans} and headed out for another afternoon of beach time! Have I ever mentioned that beaches make me happy? The week was amazing anyways – but this was definitely the icing on the cake!

Especially THIS visual:

Playing in the sand at the City Beach


And Looking up to see snow-capped mountains

I LOVE Ptarmigan Village and am already looking forward to our week there in the summer, where we’ll spend our days at the outdoor pool and most likely one day at the fun and fabulous Big Sky Waterpark. Ah, and the dreaming begins.


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