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Winning With Westjet #thesearethedays #welovewestjet

I love holidays. I was made for them. So when the Captain won two flights anywhere Westjet flies, my heart skipped a beat. I mean, we had a few glitches in the beginning with the timing and original expiration of the vouchers, but when it all got taken care of, my heart resumed skipping.

And we were able to fulfill our dream and promise of taking the kids with us on a tropical getaway. It did of course cost a small fortune {$1,000 per flight for the kids!!!} but we knew it would be worth it. And it was {more posts to come}.


                     Waiting for our flight


But how would our experience with Westjet compare with other flights we’ve taken?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? I am so not the type that is going to pay to choose my seat – boy I think that’s a ridiculous feature. So we just hoped for the best – and best was not quite what we got. The Captain was seated near the front of the plane, Jonah and I were in the middle, Brooklyn was by herself in the row behind us, and my mother in law was in the back. And the funny thing is, it seemed that every other group on the flight was split randomly. People were up walking back and forth the entire flight to chat with family, trade off kids or snacks, etc. It was pretty funny.


                                Born to fly

But the truth is, that was the one and only thing that wasn’t great about it. Everything else was perfect. And we arrived to Mexico and came home, true Westjet fans!

Of course, I knew immediately it was a winning airline:


Any airline with Clamato is one I want                             to fly with

In addition to the smooth flight {yay} and amazing flight attendants, the kids were able to check out the cockpit before we exited the plane. I did it as a kid and was so hoping the kids would be able to as well – especially since this was the first {of many, I hope} time flying.


We loved our experience with Westjet and are looking forward to booking with them again. Hopefully it’s in the nearer future, as we truly were made to holiday!


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