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I love popcorn…Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper

But microwave always seems to fall a little short. We have eaten it for a long time because our popcorn popper isn’t good at all and we’ve never made it a priority to buy one. Besides, I try not to eat it too often because I love LOTS of butter and seasoning. So what once could have been classified as a healthy snack jumps itself right back into the *rarely* category.

My friend has this fantastic popper, so when I saw it in the states in November (Cali trip) for $20 I HAD to have it.We LOVE it. The popcorn is amazing and the kids love watching it pop. It’s really not any longer than microwave and tastes a billion times better and there are no kernels. seriously. I will never go back to microwave – this is just too good. I bought mine in Target, but they are also on Amazon if you like shopping online (or don’t have a Target near you). And popcorn kernels are soooooo cheap, which we all know I love ūüôā

Check out this fabulous write up at The Best Popcorn Makers! See – I’m not the only one.

I love it….curling up as a family, sharing popcorn (I’m like my mom…I have to have THE bowl – so I give my kids each their own little ones. lol) and spending time together. There’s just nothing better!

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