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Boston Pizza – GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!!!

I love that more and more restaurants are adding things to their menus to cater to those with gluten allergies.It’s making this experiment more exciting and easier for those times when I’m out.

Last week I ordered in Little Caesar’s for the kids (cheap) so our sitter wouldn’t have to worry about anything while we were out. Now let me tell you this – going Gluten Free has been the easiest dietary change I’ve made by far. But takeout pizza is and always has been a weakness of mine. The smell, the taste, the grease…I love it all. So, despite this kind not being my favorite, it was really difficult for me to see this leftover pizza the next day and not have any. REALLY difficult.

So, having heard from a friend who has celiac that BP’s gluten free pizzas are amazing – I did what anyone would do. I ordered one. At under $10 for my two toppings (individual size only) I salivated in anticipation for my BP’s pepperoni and mushroom gluten free pizza.

Let me tell you people – it did not disappoint. I opened the box and it looked EXACTLY like a regular BP’s pizza – except square. And the taste – well put it this way, if nobody told you, you would never know it wasn’t *normal* pizza. It’s THAT good.

photo from theceliachusband.blogspot.com

I am an absolute fan and am THRILLED to have found this. Now, the problem is not wanting it every day. It too falls into the *just because I can eat it doesn’t mean I should* category….but I could eat it every day. I really could.

So next time you are there and thinking of going the individual size route – take a chance and try the gluten free! It might surprise you…I loved that even after 2 of the pieces I still felt great. Not full or *stuffed* like pizza generally does to me (though I can outeat pretty much anybody…I LOVE pizza that much!). I felt comfortable and satisfied – and anxious to spread the word.

So um – Boston Pizza – perhaps more specifically James Treliving (Chairman, President, and Co-CEO of Boston Pizza International Inc.) – This addition is fantastic to the menu! And if you have any inclination to send me a mass of gift certificates I’d be more than happy to accept ūüėČ (does it help that I’m also a big fan of Dragon’s Den???)

For the record – this review (as are all of them) is purely based on my experience…my honest opinion and thoughts with no promise of compensation – though as mentioned, would not be turned away. lol

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