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California Trip – On the Road Again!

Finishing up our stop in Utah, we headed on our way to California. First Stop: Sacramento!

On our way – we made a stop to fill up with gas….actually what’s so humorous about that is we were pretty negligent with it – I’m surprised we never ran out….one of us would have a brain wave all of a sudden and upon looking at the gas gauge would realize we were almost empty. oops.

Anyways – I’m so glad to have had my cousin on this trip. Sometimes I forget to let loose and enjoy the journey and instead just focus on the destination. So it was so fun when I came out from paying to see her and the kids just taking a breather, picking rocks, and running around with each other. It was so fun! She keeps me young and alive….and spontaneous. Everyone should have someone like her in their life. No, really, you should!



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