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I know I’ve been MIA {except the past few days}, and while I LOVE blogging and miss it when I don’t make the time for it, the truth is I’m not sorry.

Because I’m working part time {my first summer working *outside the home* since having kids}, I’m making sure the days I’m off are filled with lots of fun, sun, and icy cold treats!

So while I have at least a hundred posts brewing in my head, I’m taking and making the time to do this:



We ended the school year with Jonah’s Kindergarten *graduation*. The kids had a blast at the little photo booth!


Brooklyn and her friend

We kicked off our summer by immediately spending our days at the beach!

{I use the term *beach* lightly, but it works and we love it}


Future Surfer?


THESE really are the days!


They built sandcastles


And played with cars


Caught bugs


And {of course} enjoyed ice cream

We went to Waterton with some friends and the kids had an absolute blast playing in the water at Red Rock.


Yes, he’s in his gonchies.


We also spent time at the outdoor pool in Raymond. This was our first year ever trying it out, and we are hooked. We’ve been there about 4 times in the past few weeks.


There are even palm trees….we all know how much I love palm trees! {though this dark photo makes me sad}


We tried {unsuccessfully} to protect a mama duck and her 6 ducklings. Something we are all still bummed about.


Just toddling along behind her


Sweet little duckling

We also got family photos taken {because my cousin rocks!}


And met our new niece and nephew who are amazing and adorable and we couldn’t love them more {adoption rocks!}. **Because adoption can be a sensitive situation, I am not going to share photos. Thanks for understanding**

And to top it all off – we met and brought home our newest addition – we are only a few days in, but we are in love!


All I can say is


**hopefully not all the photos {except the family and puppy ones} will be ipod photos

again…my camera is broken, so I’ve worked with what we have. lol**

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