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Starting the Captain’s watch collection with Jord! #jordwatch #wearJORD #BeYou #thecaptain #thesearethedays

**Disclaimer: Jord provided the Captain with the gorgeous watch below for review purposes. However, this has not affected my review and all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Spoiler alert: These watches are INCREDIBLE!**

For the majority of our married life {13 years}, the Captain has talked about having a watch collection. And thanks to Jord {and me for choosing a men’s watch of course} he was finally able to start one – with this gorgeous piece:

dover-47-front-angled Jord wood watches wear Jord these are the days

Ebony & Rosewood, Dover Series

I told myself if it arrived when the Captain was away at work, I would wait to let him open it. But I just couldn’t – and am I ever glad – this watch is BEAUTIFUL. From the box it is packaged in to the pillow it’s set around, both of which he still uses, every detail is pure perfection.

ebony and rosewood jord wear jord these are the days cute like me mens watches

Not only do I love when the Captain dresses up {insert googly eyes} but I especially love when he can complete his look with such fine, dapper details.

My only regret is that he didn’t have this a couple of years ago, when he dressed up every day at his previous job. Oh I miss those days. Because his tie collection is quite extensive I grabbed a few that I thought coordinated well with the watch. The trick is in the reds family – too orange clashes with the watch as do red and burgundy, but I worked it out… and present to you the gallery:

Jord Wood Watches Cute Like Me These are the Days watch review

I love the way it looks with each of these ties, proving it really can coordinate with multiple colour schemes. I was so excited when I paired it with the tie below, a gift from his late father after spending some time teaching English in China/Inner Mongolia. The way the light hits the orange casts enough shadow to really make it a perfect match.

Jord Wood Watches Cute Like Me These Are The Days Watch Review

And if you are excited for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in just 8 days,  and happen to have an old school tie on hand, Jord’s got you covered there too!

Jord Wood Watches Cute Like Me These Are The Days Watch Review

Am I the only one giggling? Old School meet the New School! 😉

I tried to venture into shirts but none of the Captain’s worked at all, being the wrong colours altogether. At least for dress shirts, but luckily this fabulous watch can also work with casual shirts ~ always a bonus!

Jord 8edit

Nothing too outrageous about this combination as it’s a fairly plain grey and black shirt, but I love the way it looks. But interestingly the most surprising combination has ended up being my favourite. The shirt below was gifted to the Captain several years ago by our Japanese student and is easily one of his favourites, but he rarely wears it because he doesn’t want to ruin it. Can you see the gorgeous hand painted detail? And the way it compliments the rosewood colouring of the watch – the Captain is going to have to get over his fear of washing this shirt because it’s so unique and an awesome way to showcase the watch, don’t you agree?

Jord CollageI flat out love it. And I love that this watch is the first {of many} in the Captain’s watch collection.

Lifelong Jord fans right here! Hook, Line and Sinker!

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