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A{nother} Julep Review Part II #julep

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Ready for my thoughts on the last two Julep boxes I received?  {Read about November and February Maven Boxes Here}

The American Beauty Maven Profile was changed to Modern Beauty for the March boxes. It was precisely for this reason that I chose not to skip the March box. I was not a huge fan of the multiple polishes each month {can get excessive quickly} and was THRILLED they were going to be changing it up with more full sizes products!

It did not disappoint.

Modern Beauty mavens were treated to the Glycolic Hand Scrub and the Rock Star Hand Creme.

hand scrub and creme

Glycolic Hand Scrub and Rock Star Hand Creme

One word: THRILLED.

It’s the second hand scrub I’ve received, and the first time my suggestion was to, in fact include a lotion to follow it up with. So I was really happy with this combo alone. Then I tried them. Amaze-balls! I love this scrub a whole lot….and even thought it’s got a fresh floral scent – something I don’t typically like…I am rather fond of it. It’s not too strong, and just enough floral.

Following up with the Rock Star Hand Creme seals the deal. I love the leak-proof twist lid {perfect for toting around} and together with the scrub, my hands feel incredible. I’m a huge fan!

And the third item to top off the March box?

Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm


Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm

I’m in love. IN.LOVE.

This lip balm is amazing – soft and creamy and goes on smooth. AND keeps my lips that way. No chapping, or wasting away so I needed to reapply often. Nope, it was great! My *ONLY* complaint is that it’s sooo soft and creamy it melts easily. So I had to change my original plan of using it at work. Even just in my scrub top pocket it got too warm and each time I applied I worried I was going to smash it into a pile of lip balm. A pile of the most amazing lip balm mind you. You know when you are down to the bottom of a tube of lip balm and using your finger to get every. last. bit. – This is THAT lip balm for me.

Oh and p.s. – the Strawberry-Mint is a fab combination! love it!


As is evidence by my sporatic boxes, I don’t typically get two in a row, nevermind three.  But one product in the April box had me very curious, so I went for it.

april box

April Modern Beauty Box

Dry Shampoo has been around for the past few years and I have honestly heard great things about it. Since I am typically an every day washer, I have never had a need to try it out. Until now. I really do believe it is best for our hair to have a rest between washes and that our natural oils are good and healthy – and important in the maintenance of healthy hair. So I have recently taken an every other day hair washing approach {with body showers in between, in case you were worried} to give my head the opportunity to do what it’s supposed to do naturally. If I’m not going anywhere and can just lay low, I often take it to the third day *just because*.

So the dry shampoo peaked my interest for sure. I like that it’s invisible {it really is}, unlike perhaps other methods – like baby powder as my cousins recently discovered {yesterday} that can have a rather greying affect when used in a bit more abundance than is needed. 😉

But I didn’t notice a difference. Maybe my hair was too greasy??? I don’t know – but I am willing to try it again just to see. I mean, I still left the house – even without wearing my favorite hat – but I didn’t feel or see that my hair showed improvement. I will try it again though or at the very least have my cousin test it out!

And they finished up the box with rock candy. Aside from the fact I got pink {love pink}, I thought it was a completely random item to add in. I’m a candy girl for sure, but it is definitely not something I am going to gobble down. I get cavities just looking at sugar – this, well this would seal the deal. I may as well get fitted for dentures today. AND, considering Jonah has teeth like his mother, and currently has 13 cavities {true story}, it’s not something I’m passing to him either. And yet, they are kind of pretty. lol


Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum:

Add this lovely product to my upcoming *manicure day* – I love a good product that I wouldn’t normally splurge and buy for myself, but am dying to try. This fits the bill…I’ve only used it once but was impressed. I love serums though and this was no exception. Not oily in any way, fast drying, and easy to apply. I need to add it to my regular routine – actually, I need to create a regular routine and then add this product to it.

One thing is for certain, Julep nails it on packaging every time!

Speaking of which – remember the American Beauty Volumizing Mascara I received? Well aside from being the most beautiful mascara bottle I have ever seen, I tried it out. 


American Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Isn’t she stunning!?

Okay, I’ve said before that I don’t typically like *high quality* name brand mascaras. My best experiences are with the regular run of the mill drug store brands….but I really like this one. Honestly. It’s not clumpy, it goes on nicely and doesn’t stick my lashes all together. It’s a little too light for my liking so I would end up having to put on several coats – so instead I used this and then topped it with my regular mascara to get my desired look. But this is a great mascara….and might be great on a vacay when you don’t want to be loaded up {hello – humidity!} but maybe also don’t want to go the waterproof way either. And it’s PERFECT for the bottom lashes!

Beautiful bottle, beautiful mascara. Win/Win!

{and much to Brent’s dismay, I have not committed to cancelling my subscription yet, in the hopes of *accidentally* forgetting to skip a month here and there.}

All photos have been used with permission from the Julep Blog, where you can find out all sorts of nifty information about their products as well as promotions and new items. Check it out!

**Sadly, Julep has no idea who I am {except to tweet with permission to use their photos}, which is a real shame because I’m kinda awesome…and they have not compensated me in any way for this {or other} blog posts. All opinions are my own, but remember – not one product works the same for everyone, so try something new and have some fun with it! And let me know {and Julep} how you like it!**

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