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Why You Need a Brother! #brotherinnovis #sewingfun #brothercanada #thesearethedays

I promise you I’m not just saying it, but you really need a Brother.


And my lovely cousin, Laura would agree. Earlier this year, while watching her two younger kids, I made her daughter a couple of skirts using this adorable Girl’s Maxi Skirt Pattern from Girl Charlee.

amy skirt girl charlee these are the days sewing fun

They quickly became favourites and was shared between two of her girls (yay for knit fabric that can stretch – also from GirlCharlee). So she planned a fun little trip with her two older kids to make a few more. I’ve been raving to her about how easy they are and that they seriously take 20 minutes to make, so she had high expectations.

And then she started sewing on her machine.

You know when you spend more time starting and stopping, rethreading and troubleshooting to figure out the heck is wrong this time?! She spent about 15 minutes in this run around, not too hopeful about making progress on skirt #1.

And then she started sewing on my machine.

It was like the heavens opened and the sewing angels poured their happiness all over. Scoff if you want, but it’s true. She was immediately sold and spent the next 20 minutes finishing the first skirt while saying things like:

*Oh my word, no wonder you love sewing*

*Now I know why it only takes you 20 minutes*

*It’s so quiet and smooth*

*Now I need one of these*

Flat out in love. And I could only sit, grinning cheek to cheek and nod along in agreement. I am also flat out in love with this machine. And she really did it….she made 3 skirts (and a tank top) for her 8 year old and each project honestly only took about 20 minutes, start to finish.

Girl Charlee kids maxi skirt these are the days sewing fun

{Photo Credit: Laura Taylor Photography}

It was the perfect little afternoon of sewing and I’m certain it’s only the first of many get togethers we have. This Brother machine better get ready – these two cousins are going to rock its world!


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