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A Tale of Two Snowmen #makingmemories

When my mom is ready to de-clutter she tends to pass things to me. The problem is, I then think it’s necessary to keep these gifted items, thinking they must be important. Take these two snowmen for example – in this photo of my grandpa and his *friend* in 1980. See them {bottom right}?

I know what you’re thinking…..

But in the 80’s they were totally cool and everyone was impressed because my mom made them. Oh, yes she did. #justcallhermartha

So, here’s the deal. My mom gave them to me in a box of Christmas stuff. Last fall/winter I went through a huge purging phase {not that you can tell} and these ugly darling snowmen were in there. I contemplated for so long…not knowing if they were something my mom would want kept, albeit not in her house. I mean, she did make them….they are from my childhood….

Keep them. Huck them…..Keep them….

I threw those puppies into the trash pile that promptly went into the back of Brent’s truck and I watched him drive away to the dump.

And then, I regretted the decision. And for about 20 minutes I stewed about what to do. HOW I was going to explain to my mom that I threw them away {hoping it was okay}, or how I would be able to get them back. I knew I wasn’t going to but I started thinking….finally I bit the bullet and took a chance, calling the Dump.

Yep, I phoned on a Saturday – the busiest day of the week – and asked if the man had noticed my husband’s truck go through. HA! I did tell him I understood it was a ridiculous request and that I knew he saw hundreds of cars..buuuuut that if he saw him to ask him to save the two ugly snowmen. *pretty please*

I knew it was hopeless. Brent had already likely come and gone from the dump, and I was trying to accept the reality of the snowmen being gone forever.

Until he came home with them. #lucky

Seriously – not two minutes after I phoned, Brent drove through the entrance to the dump AND the man I spoke to recognized his truck. I mean, how impressed was I.

And now, these *classic* snowmen will decorate our home every Christmas, bringing with them quite the story.


Oh, and my mom? Said I should have thrown them away. Oy.

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