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He Makes Me Laugh {10 Years and Counting} #makingmemories #anewkindofhallmark

I mentioned before that we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary {where has the time gone?}. I haven’t talked much about simply because Brent was gone the following week {boys hunting trip} and I didn’t want internet-land knowing the kids and I were home alone. lol

BUT, I can talk about it now! Truthfully, there isn’t much to talk about as we haven’t really celebrated yet. Our anniversary was spent with Brent cleaning his guns {that’s normal right?} and packing for his trip. He did, of course remember to get me a card and as per the usual, it made me laugh. 

He makes me laugh.

for real.

And the inside:


This isn’t anything new….he hates buying cards {he’s a bit of a frugal frank, if I may….a cheapskate lol} so he wants to put his twist on it. For my birthday this is the card I got:

no words.



Love that he referenced a blog post of mine!

I think my all-time favorite though was last year’s anniversary card. For our 9th he wrote, *Happy Anniversary. I would choose you again {unless Jessica Alba was free}.*


And yes, it made me laugh. I mean, can you blame him? She’s gorgeous {and he was kidding….sort of}.

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