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I Dropped The Ball {And I’m Proud Of It}

Jonah is absolutely SMITTEN with Kindergarten. He loves everything about it and comes home each school day exclaiming that it was SUPER fun!

One of his favorite things so far has been his *special day* – a day close to his birthday where he gets to be the leader and helper all day, plus got to have his mommy there {yipee}, and bring a special treat to share with his class {I made cake pops – his request}. A couple of weeks ago he brought home a blank poster – to decorate and create something that represented him and his life, and share on his day. Of course everyone in the class will also get one, and after they are shared they will be displayed in the school. How fun!

Telling his class all about what he drew

Jonah decorated his poster one day while I was at work, and on Thursday we headed to school to share with his class. He couldn’t wait and I was so impressed with him for getting it done on his own ūüôā

A little prelude to the *poster sharing* – we were late for school {yes on his special day} so to pass the time his class was catching up on some things they didn’t get to on the last *special day*. And that’s when I saw it, Miss L’s poster. Beautiful doesn’t adequately describe it – it was decked out to the nines. It had some photos of fun things she’s done with her family as well as some things she likes {tiara’s anyone?!}. Her name in nice big letters. And then….and then I noticed the 5 other completed posters above. Same thing. They were all decked out and gorgeous.

And for a fleeting moment I felt like I had dropped the ball  Рa side effect from working and being even more busy than normal. I love being crafty and know I could have helped him rock that poster. But I say *fleeting moment* because I mean it.

He ROCKED his poster all on his own.

And even when I asked him if he wanted to take it home and add photos like his classmates or leave it the way it was, he wanted to leave it exactly as he’d done it. I couldn’t be more proud.


Want to know what he drew?

Aside from a Christmas shirt he lost {I didn’t know he even had a Christmas shirt lol – he’s a bit of a story teller} and a toy he lost from the shelf, plus a couple other random things,¬† he drew OUR DATE!!¬† He drew him and I at Tim Horton’s, me eating a timbit and him a donut.


Self directed, self motivated, and when thinking of what to draw on his poster that represented his life, etc. He thought of me….and our date…and the time we got to spend WITH each other. Be still my heart.

And there is no way I’m adding anything else to that poster. It is his. 100%. And it is perfect.

{AAAAND, even if it means I dropped the ball on the creative process, I am proud of it! – one more reason I’m a crappy mom?}




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