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Made to Holiday #sendmesomewherewarm

It doesn’t matter the time of year, the weather, or what’s going on – I always want to holiday. In fact, I’ve said {thanks to my cousin Radelle, of Eternal Reflections Photography} that I was Made for it!

It’s a sentiment that I think describes me exactly. I love being able to escape the every day and really focus on my husband, our kids, and yes –  me! Being with friends and/or family is also amazing and I love being able to just *be* in the moments – make amazing memories and have some pretty awesome experiences.

Which is why any time we have a holiday coming up, I am already busy planning and dreaming the next one. We are luck to be able to visit our condo in Whitefish twice a year, so it’s a guaranteed holiday and we LOVE it! But with it nearly being a year since we went to the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in the Mayan Riviera I have *vacay on the brain* in a huge way.

Getting an e-mail from TripAdvisor about the 25 best beaches in the world is not curing this need…I mean, look at these amazing places! We’re hoping to go somewhere as a family at the end of the year {Hawaii, back to the Barcelo, Disney Cruise, and others are on our list} and this confirms why.

Palm Trees make me happy….The Heat and Beaches make me happy…being on holidays makes my life ROCK {even more}!!!

Here are the top 25 {perhaps my new holiday bucket list??} 🙂





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