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The GM Diet/Cleanse {My *long winded*thoughts}

I’ve been wanting to try a cleanse for years now….The store ones don’t appeal to me, and I know enough about myself to know that I’m not good without food. I need something to sustain me or at least keep me committed. So the Master Cleanse and juice or water cleanses weren’t really at the top of my list either. I just figured I’d find one I was  happy with at some point and try it out – which is exactly what happened.

On Pinterest last week I saw  the link to the GM Diet/Cleanse – claiming a loss of 10-17lbs in just one week’s time. Yes, that caught my eye. My motives for wanting a cleanse right now were twofold – 1. To help cut out gluten again. I’ve gotten a little outta control and knew that I needed something to really kickstart the change. Something a little drastic with little to no wiggle room. and 2. To kickstart the weight loss again. I was committed last year to not gaining the weight back, but have not been so successful {my own fault}. I needed to do something to help get my motivation back.

You can read the entire GM cleanse HERE or HERE. After initially reading through it I liked it and wanted to try it. My amazing husband even agreed to try it out with me {he really is awesome}, so this week we set to it!

Sunday I woke up with a horrible cold, but we started Day one as scheduled. Fruit Day! I started my day with oranges and could feel a difference immediately – with congestion and mucous specifically {sorry if that grosses you out}. I knew that regardless of my overall feelings of this cleanse, eating fruits {and vegetables on day 2} could only help my body get healthier faster.

Day 2 was okay. All vegetables – We had a veggie tray {not nearly as fun without dip}, salad {using Salata dressing….made an executive decision to let it qualify}, and started our day off with the baked potato as suggested. I really don’t like potatoes {unless there’s sour cream}, but it wasn’t too bad. I also made steamed broccoli, carrots, and onions for lunch – Brent had steamed cabbage. By the evening we were both SO anxious for Day 3 so we could have some fruit. lol Brent managed to forget while cutting the kids some apples and had a piece {oops} but did confirm how good it was. haha

Day 3 – fruits and vegetables. I was so excited in the morning to have fruit – made myself a little platter and laid back in bed with Jonah and ate it all. 🙂 I had some veggies but not many – mostly just fruit. I had made some of the wonder soup on the weekend {to see if it was any good} so Brent ate the leftovers for dinner – more on that in a bit.

Day 4 – This is where I really started to wonder about this whole cleanse. The bananas didn’t bother me – and it’s quite possible I spent most of day 3 anticipating the way they would taste {and I almost never grab a banana to eat} – it was the milk that had me baffled. I don’t know why it’s in there. There is an explanation for the bananas {sodium and potassium} but nothing for the milk. And, especially because I was sick – I don’t believe milk is great for us to begin with, but particularly not when sick. I tried one bowl – ate half of it and gave the rest to Brent. I could just tell I should stop. I also made another batch of the soup – this time adding kidney beans for a little more substance. I also made an executive decision to allow other fruit this day…

Day 5 – This is today….Meat and Tomatoes. Okay the meat I can understand {though perhaps not in regards to a cleanse}…but with the tomatoes – I cannot stand tomatoes, except in bruschetta I’ve recently discovered. But breaking out a loaf of bread or tostitos wouldn’t really qualify…so I was trying really hard to figure out how we would do this. Brent is not a fan either. This morning, he had a bowl of cereal. He’s hungry {I know – one of the side effects of a cleanse} and also has to work {outside the home} all day. I made meat and cooked carrots for lunch and it was delicious. I didn’t measure out the meat portions, but ate until my body said stop. I paid very close attention and feel great+and not weighed down. A plus 🙂 I have no idea what to do for dinner – but I can tell you that tomatoes will not be involved! lol They are apparently for the digestion and fiber….well from my understanding fruit between meals can also offer the same benefits and is a great source of fiber {as are veggies}. So I figured – or hoped – it could be an adequate substitution. Maybe I’m missing something?
Day 6 is tomorrow – all the meat and vegetables you want. Hmm…nothing bothers me here…just not sure what to make.

Day 7 – will end the entire thing. Brown rice, veggies, and drinking fruit juice…..


I am glad I did this cleanse/diet – it forced me to eliminate all yucky things from my body while sick and allowed my body the chance to focus on getting healthy. Instead of grabbing a handful of crackers or chips while walking by the pantry, I cut up some strawberries or cantaloupe. I needed this refocus.

I didn’t like a few things though. For starters – I felt like there wasn’t enough information, which gave me room to modify, though I’m not sure if those modifications will have good or bad effects – or none at all. Day 4 stated the wonder soup could be eaten in LIMITED quantities – but then at the bottom it says this soup can be eaten in UNLIMITED quantities. Confusion….and did it mean just on day 4 or the entire week? That’s why Brent had it for dinner day 3 – it was mainly veggies so fell in line with veggie day.

The ingredients themselves baffled me and I had to modify the recipe. To have 4 packages of french onion soup mix {surprised a packaged soup mix qualifies in a cleanse} in just 4 cups of water PLUS 6 onions is insane to me. That’s A LOT of onions…..I doubled the water, only used 1 onion, an only 2 soup mixes. The soup was great and we enjoyed it, but I could not have made it the way it was initially written. ick

This isn’t a *park yourself in the bathroom* kind of cleanse – which of course was nice. And I don’t know if it really qualifies as a *cleanse* or more of a reset/refocus of sorts. And while I’m glad I did it, I don’t see us doing this one again….And, after chatting over lunch today, decided we are probably more like  *3 day cleanse* people….or maybe like a *fruit/veggie day* every month or so instead of a week long commitment. In some ways this was easier than I expected, and in other ways it was more difficult…and I certainly had to remember that the goal was to do it *just to see* so I had to stick with it. I wanted to.

And I’m glad we did it – or tried it….even with our modifications {for example, even today on tomato and beef day, I chose to allow fruits and veggies as a bit of a free for all..}. Also – this morning I had a glass of diluted apple juice and honestly within 10 minutes felt so much better than I have all week. I guess it’s my way of compensating for not having coffee, wine, or club soda {haha} – all of which are allowed while on this {strange to anyone else???}

Overall weight loss for me: 7lbs right now….{and that is with Shark week starting which almost always ups me 1-2lbs}. Brent never weighed himself to begin with….

And now it’s time to continue with better choices, healthier habits, and a commitment to gluten free. Last year when I was gluten free and healthy and down with my weight, apples and other healthy choices were my go to for snacks…I need that back!

A HUGE *hooray* to my husband for being so awesome and muddling through this with me…I’m impressed that he not only agreed, but has stuck with it {minus the cereal this morning….and we may have both had a wee piece of almond roca today….hey nobody’s perfect}

*Disclosure: This post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with this cleanse/diet or any other sites linked to it.

My husband and I tried this on our own accord – and these are my honest opinions*

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