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10 Years Later And Still #itsthelittlethings #makingmemories

I seriously don’t know how it happened so fast, but Brent and I just marked 10 years married. I would say, *celebrate* but we really haven’t yet – so I’ll stick with *marked*. Last week there were two days I was going to be gone all day – meaning I wouldn’t be home when Brent came for lunch {One of these was {shame on me} our actual anniversary}. So I left him little notes – nothing really out of the ordinary, but when I got home from my day I was tickled with what I saw:

Note #1:

Love him!

Note #2:

One silly word *ditto*

It may not seem like much, but these little things meant the world to me. We love spending time together each day for lunch, and while we’re okay when we don’t, it was nice knowing he took the time to let me know he was thinking of me too!

I ADORE this man!

Taken at the Barcelo Maya Beach, 2011 *Not Brent’s best photo, but I like how I look in it lol*

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