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Mexico Vacay *Dolphinaris* Part I

It’s something I have dreamed about for 15 years. I have always LOVED dolphins and am mesmerized any time I’m around them (just ask my best friend, Jenny how long I made her stand and watch the dolphins at the Mirage in Las Vegas just over 10 years ago lol). Swimming with them would be an absolute dream…and I was determined to do it at least once.

When we planned our vacay to the Barcelo Riviera Maya, my friend, Laura and I made sure to work it into the budget. Because we were told (by our fabulous Air Canada Representative, Roberto) that of the 3 *Dolphinariums*, Dolphinaris was the best, that’s the one we chose. We were SOOOO EXCITED and could not believe we were finally doing it.

Let me tell you….we were told the facilities were incredible, and they were even better than that! It was seriously breathtaking and beautiful – don’t you agree?!

Dolphinaris Grand Riviera Maya

It is a new facility and is extremely well kept…and I was sold the moment we walked in. And truthfully, it only got better. We changed into our swimsuits, got our life jackets, watched a short video on the experience (and expectations, etc.), and FINALLY it was time to get into our groups and head to the water!  *squeeeeeeee*

We were lucky enough to only have one other girl in our group, so we really had a great experience and got to have more hands on time with the dolphins. We were both totally impressed that each group had it’s own photographer and videographer who really stayed focus on what we were doing. We couldn’t wait to see the photos and video and have the chance to relive this incredible experience.

Dolphins are amazing….they are smart, gentle, strong, and being in the water with them is pretty unreal. They are so soft and feel like rubber..and yet kinda like suede (must be the *shedding* factor) – I seriously loved everything about the experience. I could go on and on and on….*and on* lol.

In fact, we had such a great time that Laura, my friend, decided part way through that she too was going to purchase the image cd. This was an experience we did not want to forget even a moment of. We were so happy that not only had we finally accomplished this goal (both wanting to do it for years), but that we had chosen Dolphinaris. It is somewhere I would love to take our kids as I know they would LOVE it! And being that directly across from us was a group of about 6 kids and 4 adults, we were able to see first hand how great the trainers were with them.

In case you haven’t quite gathered, we had an AMAZING time! My 15 year wait was worth it and I can’t wait to go again (and again!) and if you want to have a similar experience, then Dolphinaris is definitely the place – with locations in Riviera Maya (naturally), Cancun, and Cozumel!

Dolphinaris Cancun

Dolphinaris Cozumel

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