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The Magic of Trying to #beayesmom ~ #theseareyourdays

It’s not the first time I’ve talked about this great piece of parenting advice I heard years ago, and it likely isn’t the last. It’s amazing the opportunities that present themselves, yes of course, usually during the times you are the most tired and worn out…but that’s also when the magic happens.

Case in point: My weeding day.

Do you remember these photos from my Instagram?

these are your days be a yes mom parenting making memories gardening

Let’s just first take a minute to consider not only the transformation, but how absolutely brutal this flower bed was to start. *covers eyes*

Now let me tell you what was going on behind the scenes and how this turned into a magical #beayesmom experience.

As I started to weed, Jonah asked if he could bring his cars out to play. I know, it sounds so simple and I have no issues with him playing outside or even, in some cases, bringing toys outside, The problem was, I didn’t want those toys to come outside, get dirty and then find their way back into the house.

So I tried to convince him not to.

For several minutes we went back and forth until it occurred to me…if they got dirty, he could always add a follow-up activity and bath {wash} them in the sink. Problem solved.

Of course, Jonah – bring out the toys!

And as a result, this was my view while I did the weeding. *cue heart swoon*

theseareyourdays making memories be a yes mom gardening

Happy to be outside playing, happy to be making memories and happy to be together.

Just like that it became one of those magical parenting moments and easily one of my favourite memories from that week. And to think, I just about missed it.

*I want to hear about your #beayesmom moments – tag me @theseareyourdays*


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