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Corn Chip and Kidney Bean Salad

I know what you’re thinking…Corn chips and Kidney Beans?  Together? In a Salad?

I realize it sounds strange, but I’m telling you people…it’s delicious! I recently had this delicious salad at a potluck dinner and was so bummed there wasn’t enough left for seconds. It was just so yummy. Planning for a potluck dinner while camping this past weekend, and having to work around only having a cooler (as opposed to a fridge..ie, we are tenters), this recipe came in very handy. It was perfect.

photo from theinterrupters.blogspot.com

Here’s the recipe:

1 bag of Corn chips

1 can Kidney beans drained and rinsed

1 Red pepper chopped

1 Bottle of Catalina dressing

I mean seriously, how easy is that!!! I had the Kidney beans pre-drained and rinsed and in a container in our cooler, and our Red pepper was washed and also in a container (I chopped it up while camping). Then I brought a throw away casserole dish to mix it all in – sooo simple and sooo yummy. Even a friend of mine who doesn’t normally like Kidney beans enjoyed it…without picking them out! 🙂 You can also add some sliced red onion or grated cheese, but I just kept it as simple as possible.


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