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California Vacay – {The Way Home – Elko, Nevada Super 8}

Having spent a rather large portion of our holiday IN the vehicle, we felt it best to take our time on the way home. We spent 4 days driving, stayed in 3 hotels, and stopped at a few parks along the way to break it up. We were of course excited to see our husbands (and the kids, their dad’s), but I’m pretty certain we could have holidayed for another 3 weeks. It was really an amazing experience, one that I hope we are able to duplicate (our plans to make it annual are a wee bit thwarted this year as my cousin is due with baby #2 in late October). We have plans for a new destination each time – perhaps we’ll head out on a scavenger hunt of sorts, in search of the best parks? (sounds fun to me…maybe the best spas too! lol)

Though California was colder than usual during our holiday, we still enjoyed the majority of our time in tshirts, shorts, and flip flops…and we certainly weren’t prepared for what came next.


In Elko, Nevada…Nevada! Maybe we missed the memo, but we had NO idea Nevada got snow.

Picture it if you will the two of us trying to get 3 children into the hotel, all in flip flops (us included)….no word of a lie, the snow was up to our calves and SO cold we couldn’t take more than a few steps. I had to get my runners – I know they weren’t a whole lot better, but getting the ice off my skin was the only way to accomplish anything. Then I passed them to my cousin and she brought her stuff in.First order of business? SOCKS!

(seriously, I can’t believe there was snow in Nevada)

If you book the Elko Super 8, understand it is more *motel* style than *hotel*, and it is in serious need of some updating. The halls smelled of smoke and the rooms are about as basic as can be – there was a microwave and I see it advertises for fridges as well, but I don’t remember having one in our room (I could be wrong). However, it did pass the *bed bug* test and there were no ants or other critters. We were dry, warm, and safe – though our decision to talk about the possible existence of Big Foot may have made us question the safe aspect (seriously, what were we thinking???). But we slept okay…I don’t know that it would be my first choice on future holidays, though I have stayed in some nice Super 8’s in the past, but I would be okay to for a night if need be.

All I can say is, thank goodness we didn’t have plans to camp on the way home. HA!


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