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California Vacay – {San Francisco Beach Day}

Well Concord may not have beaches, but lucky for us, San Francisco is less than an hour away. So for our last day before beginning the trek home, we decided to take in the beach. We ended up right across from the San Francisco Zoo, and although tempted, we avoided making mention of it to the kids. LOL

We played on the beach ALL day. You could tell when the work day was over, as the beach suddenly increased in numbers and there several more ready to surf. We played in the sand, did a photo shoot, and of course, watched all the surfers. It was a perfect and relaxing day! Some highlights were my daughter finding a crab leg, a surfer stopping to give her something he had found along the beach, a couple stopping to give her a small toy they had found in the sand (they thought it was hers), and finding a washed up jellyfish on the shore! It was the perfect way to wrap up our amazing 3 week holiday, and honestly, if we had known what was in store – we never would have left.

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