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November Trip – First Stop Utah!!!!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this trip for so long….I realize now that I should have been blogging the entire time and saving as drafts so I could just add photos when I got home. Lesson learned!

But here we go. A recap – in November my cousin and I, and our 3 kids took 3 fabulous weeks to enjoy California! And enjoy it we did! It was fantastic….we did a TON of driving but also got to see and do a lot. The kids were great (though yes there were those typical kid moments…) and we came home from it ready to plan the next one! It was THAT awesome!

Our first stop on the way to California was at our aunt’s house in Utah. We always love seeing them – they are so good to us and our kids…and being able to catch up with our cousins and see our kids all playing together is so amazing.

One of the awesome things we did while there was go to a place called Kangaroo Zoo! Let me tell you – every city needs a place like this! Think – giant warehouse building FILLED with every bouncy house you could think of. It was awesome and perfect for kids of all ages (there were even a couple of small sections for the really little ones) and our kids were THRILLED and wanted to go back again! In fact, my daughter asked several times throughout our trip if we could…next time for sure!

They also have mini golf, a blast zone (where 4 air cannons shoot foam balls in rapid succession), personal party rooms, a party lounge, MASSAGE CHAIRS!!, Crop-n-play, Concession, and Wi-Fi!

So if you are in the Utah area check it out – there are two, located in Pleasant Grove and North Salt Lake.

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