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Ordering Household Basics Online is Life Changing

It wasn’t until a friend of mine went live on Facebook a few months ago, that I considered the possibility – and genius – of ordering toilet paper online. Her video was of her telling her kids the giant delivery was something for them. I laughed so hard when they opened the box to realize it was nothing more than toilet paper. Hahahahaha! Ah such a funny little trick to play on the littles and yes, I plan the same approach for my own kids. Stay tuned for that piece of fun! 😉

Cottonelle ULTRA (ooh la la) ComfortCare ~ $9.98 (was $18.99)

But honestly, genius. Toilet paper is the one thing I cannot seem to get my act together about. I put it off for too long, until we are literally down to less than one roll between the three bathrooms. Every time. Well Amazon is going to fix that for me….and while I’m at it, I may as well add other household basics to the order. You know, those things often forgotten while doing the grocery trip?! Who wants to go back for Ziploc bags or paper towel?

Not this girl!

Check out these other great products:

1. The Quilted Quicker Picker Upper ~ Bounty, $14.99 (original list price $22.99)

2. The Second Best Dishwasher Tabs ~ Cascade ActionPacs, $18.88 {or if you’re like me and buy The BEST dishwasher tabs (complete version) because you prefer the blue/green colour combo, $22.48}. Yes, I am THAT girl. It’s okay, you can roll your eyes 😉

3. Snack Bags ~ Ziploc, $3.67 

4. Aromatherapy Bubble Bath (hey, it’s a staple at my house)  ~ $9.99

5. Body Lotion with Aloe ~ $5.97 (original list price $8.29)

I’m not even kidding that I’m only buying this stuff online now – life is busy….shopping from my bed at 10pm at night sounds heaps more appealing than trying to find time to actually go to the store. As an alternative, some grocery stores now offer online ordering and pick up which is also soooo appealing and in my opinion, a huge money saver.

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