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There are no whales in the toilet

It’s one thing I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. So when Travelocity listed Whale Watching in Santa Barbara as a YEAR ROUND activity, I was sold.


It is so stunning

I have a tendency to get car sick so had some concerns about getting sea sick, but didn’t want to buy Gravol for just one use. I asked my cousin if she had any to bring, but she didn’t. Our host family even looked in their house for me but to no avail. So I chose to hope for the best.

I made the wrong choice.


While I was still upright

The real mistake for me was going into the café on board. It’s the area of the ship with the most movement and as I waited for my burger {thinking I was hungry}, I could feel it happening. Just one bite of my burger {which was delicious honestly} and I knew I was in trouble.

That delicious $7 burger with one pathetic bite out of it, found it’s way to the garbage after my first bathroom visit, and I proceeded to spend the last half of the trip either hovered over the toilet or laying on a life vest storage bench on the back deck.

The breeze and sunshine sure felt nice though.

whale watching condor express santa barbara seasick these are your days making memories

My opinion on the whales? Well, Gray Whales are boring {case in point: see above}….we did see a baby which was fun but they really do nothing beyond breaching. And there weren’t any dolphins at all, which was a real bummer for me personally. At one point there was a Humpback Whale, though within seconds of getting up to go see, I was finding my way back to the bathroom. Haha…

The company – Condor Express – was fantastic and despite this experience, I will definitely book through them again. I’ll be booking my trip around Humpback season though as they are arguably much more exciting to watch. I will also be taking Gravol BEFORE and will never make the mistake of eating a protein cookie beforehand or ever again actually {It was the last thing I ate before boarding the ship and the very last thing that came up….after an hour of being sick…and the nastiest, thickest sludge ever….sorry for that….just keeping it real lol}.

Whale Watching Nap These are your days making memories seasick grey whales

While I was able to recover with a 3 hour nap afterwards {Honestly, I died}, the truth is that queasy feeling didn’t go away the entire rest of the weekend. So although I’m definitely glad I went, I’ll be doing things much differently the next time around.

Photo credit: Eternal Reflections Photography, except for the last photo…the grainy one, courtesy of my iPhone. lol



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