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Why I Chose Santa Barbara #theseareyourdays #madetoholiday #yearofme #discover

Well if you follow me on Instagram you are probably aware that I was planning a trip to New Orleans. What you may also know is that I didn’t go to New Orleans {yet!} but instead went to Santa Barbara.

Seems an odd switch, I know, but I truly believe it all unfolded the way it should.

New Orleans won my heart quickly and the more instagram accounts I followed, the more I knew I needed to get there. The colours, the culture, the people – the fooooooood! Oh my goodness. I started looking into things to do there and my heart continually exploded with excitement. And then I looked at flights – which ultimately became the deciding factor to tackle this amazing city another time.

I’m sure the timing was a factor, but the flights were all sorts of wacky and it was going to take a day and a half to get there with an overnight in LA {not a big deal}, but it would leave me only a day and a half of NOLA time. And that was just plain cruel.

So I reconsidered, then went back to New Orleans convinced I NEEDED it now, then reconsidered again. I tossed around LA and San Francisco, but when a friend told me that Santa Barbara is nice – relatively quiet and not too busy, beach with mountains – I had to look into it further.

And my google search of images only confirmed what I already knew – Santa Barbara was/is the place for me

**Photo courtesy of The Canary Hotel, which I actually had the pleasure of seeing and falling in love with – it is so gorgeous and full of character!**

And then the fun of planning began…

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