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Dreams Come True with Vallarta Adventures #thesearethedays

logoMy parents gifted each of the kids $100 for their birthdays this year, to spend on our holiday in Mexico. Incredibly generous and a wee bit ridiculous, I know. But, as Brooklyn said, *They love us!*

And they do. These kids are seriously spoiled rotten – but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

BUT – I did not want to come home from Mexico with $100 worth of STUFF for each kid. Oy. So I came up with a genius plan. I’m really trying to move our focus as a family, and on the blog, away from having more stuff and, instead, having/making more memories. So I suggested this idea to the kids and asked what they thought about using their birthday money to make memories swimming with the dolphins.


After a quick google search, I discovered Vallarta Adventures, and booked immediately. I knew it was the perfect fit. I couldn’t have been more right. Our experience was incredible and is one the kids will remember for years to come.

I think the pictures speak for themselves:

dolphin collage 4dolphin collage 1dolphin collage 3dolphin collage 2The facility is beautiful, and I can’t say enough great things about our trainer, Sofia. She was AMAZING and made our experience the same.

We will definitely be booking through Vallarta Adventures again!

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