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Making Memories At The Farm

Jonah and I had a fun opportunity to head out with a friend and her kids to her in laws farm Wednesday morning. It was a relatively quick trip, with most of the time spent in the vehicle, but it was so worth it. Even just the short hour {at most} spent at the farm, in some mild rain, made the day perfect.

Because we made memories!

Such a sweet and silly smile lol

Oh he loves puppies

Soaking up the moment


I love horses

The two colts!

Love them!

It was awesome and such a great way to spend the morning. Jonah loves animals, especially baby ones, and really enjoyed being outside. He loves the farm, and any camping trips we’ve done there have been nothing but awesome. But this was a special treat, and later that day said *Mom, that was a SUPER fun date with Auntie {my friend}…A SUPER fun date!*

Yes, yes it was. And these memories will last a lifetime!


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