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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Eight}

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, and considering today was filled with downpours {once we  got home from our *science lesson* at Brooklyn’s school} I thought it was perfect.

What a GREAT idea!

I don’t know where this idea {and photo} originated from, as it doesn’t link up from Pinterest but I loved it immediately. Jonah was asking all morning to do a Scavenger Hunt, which I want to do at some point but I kept telling him I had something else planned. He was playing in the kitchen while I started, which made me excited to surprise him.

Jonah came in partway through and asked what it was. When I said I was making a road for his cars {his huge obsession} he got the hugest grin and most magical look on is face. It was priceless!

Seriously SO excited!

Adding his own little touch to the roads

When it was ALL finished he exclaimed *This is even BETTER than a scavenger hunt!* – I knew he’d love it!

I grabbed some of our Little People play structures to make a bit of a city out of it

On the other side I used two of our other Pinterest activities as *pit stops*

He had so much fun and played the rest of the day {= less tv...awesome}.

We definitely made some memories today. I sure love this kid!

Our photo together - totally fuzzy as my lens is no longer auto focusing AND I couldn't do it {obviously} from where I was


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