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Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits {Now Available}

Sitting in the condo over Easter break, enjoying some RnR after a fun and busy day of shopping and swimming, a commercial came on. We all snickered a little at the kid versions of popular hit songs – while our kids immediately began singing along and moving to the beat. And every time the commercial came on we were met with serious begging to purchase the product.

Little did my kids know that I had one coming for review.It’s funny because while I’ve thought the kids would enjoy it {they just like music}, I never really understood the point. Which would explain our snickers.

But let me say this – I’ve had a change of heart.

As expected, the kids were THRILLED! Not only do they love receiving review items in the mail, but remembered seeing the commercials while on holidays. Within minutes of having the cd in, the kids found their favorites {Brooklyn likes *Dynamite* and Jonah *California Girls* – naturally lol}. Brooklyn has taken it to school twice now to listen to with her class {her teacher is awesome} and any time we are in the vehicle, there is no question what we are going to listen to.

Here’s the thing, I like these songs to begin with, but there’s something about lyrics that hits you when you have young, impressionable children in the vehicle with you {know what I mean?}. But hearing these songs in kids voices automatically gave them a much more appealing feel – more upbeat – and with the few lyrical changes, certainly more appropriate.

For example there is no mention of *daisy dukes and bikinis* in Katy Perry’s *California Girls* and you’ll wanna be a billionaire so *very* bad.

I became an immediate fan and can now be seen bopping along with the kids while we drive. So if you’re a snickering and skeptical mom/parent like I was – try it out. I’m certain that not only will your kids be thrilled, but that you will be too. Now they can enjoy many of the hottest hits without you cringing at the implications some of the lyrics and messages they may have {or turning the song off altogether as I sometimes too} and just enjoy bonding over dance parties while you travel.

Kidz Bob Ultimate Hits is now available on iTunes and on the KidzBopShop.

**Disclosure: I was sent KidzBop Ultimate Hits at no cost to facilitate this review.

All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.**

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