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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Four}

Well, it’s day four and Jonah is now really into the whole habit of doing an organized *fun activity* each day – so he spends a lot of time asking when it will be time to do it. lol

Which doesn’t bother me at all – I love that he is looking so forward to this time together, and to trying something new. Today’s project originates from Play At Home Mom though of course I first found it on Pinterest.

The supplies - Gel {dollar store}, food colouring, and sparkles {dollar store, optional}

Easy to put together for sure and only takes a few items, so it’s certainly an affordable/cheap project to try.

He was in such a goofy mood....

I liked that it was something he could help put together:

Squeezing the gel into the large ziploc


Adding the Purple food colouring


See what I mean {still goofy}

 Much to my husband’s dismay, we have no shortage of sparkles in the house, so while it’s an optional *ingredient* we definitely put it in!

The Sparkles {arguably the best part}

Seal the Ziploc {make sure to do it all the way – could be messy} and mix everything together.

He just HAD to try and get into the photo


*J* for Jonah {I was showing him}

So, the truth is – meh. Not my favorite craft {though the hair gel smells great} and Jonah lost interest in about 3 minutes *Okay mom, I’m done!* and went off to play. While I’m sure there are others who love this craft, I am not taken with it. And as such, it will not be on our *make/do again* list. Though I am tempted to take the second bottle of hair gel I bought and just add sparkles for when I do Brooklyn’s hair. I would use this stuff too if I wasn’t worried about the food colouring dying her hair. lol

Have you done this activity? Did you have a different reaction than I did – I’d love to hear 🙂

And because this is the ultimate point of this exercise – whether we loved the activity or not – we got to spend time TOGETHER.

Our Mommy and Jonah photo 🙂 {sorry about the apple bite visible in his mouth ick}

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