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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Three}

Today’s activity was fairly simple, but also really fun. And in all honesty, I don’t bring the paints out nearly enough.

The original instructions on Attack of the Twins {via Pinterest} suggests finger painting, but we stuck with brushes today. Though it would be a really great summertime playgroup idea {tucking away}.

All the supplies ready to go {minus the paint tray}

The other change was using regular construction paper {large sheets} instead of a canvas. And it worked just fine – not the finished quality the canvas gives {paper gets a bit soggy} but for just a fun and quick activity, as opposed to displayed artwork, it definitely did the trick. And once again, Jonah LOVED it.

A little tricky to see - but his name all taped and ready to be painted.

First, make sure you haven’t given  your child a name with lots of curvy letters {like Jonah for example where EVERY letter has a curve} or do all capitals to help combat the issue. lol

He's ready to start - kept asking me when we could do our *fun activity*

The artist's first stroke

One of the things I liked about this particular activity, is that {mostly because Jonah is 4 1/2} I was able to spend time with him AND get a few things done. I tidied the front room, had a quick shower, started some laundry, and cleaned the kitchen {where he was painting} and still got to see him create his masterpiece.

Sheer Joy

He couldn’t wait to show me when he’d finished! I let it dry a little, but worried the masking tape would seal to the paper so I wanted to get off before it was too dry. Jonah was SO happy – and can’t wait for Brooklyn to do one after school today 🙂

The finished product!

So proud of his artwork!

 This is a great craft and has so many options – and doesn’t always have to be a name…You could do shapes, stripes, numbers,or even just one letter {ie working on a specific sound}.  And, something so quick to create – again, it doesn’t have to be an hour long investment, and as I showed with this one, you can still get some other things done too.

Just goofin' around!

So much for a serious photo!

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