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A *Pinterest* Date A Day {Day Two}

I was really excited about today’s activity – I sort of had to choose it by default as I’m missing some key ingredients for some of the other projects I have planned. But I’m really glad it worked out this way!

I also already blogged about this during Easter week, but now get to give my personal review instead of just thinking it looked neat. lol

So here’s the {super easy} directions: Fill a cake pan with baking soda and  some cups with food colouring tinted vinegar. That’s  it. And you also need a medicine dropper 🙂

All ready to go

I wasn’t really sure what to expect – I mean I knew it would bubble, but I did NOT expect the awesome giant foaming bubbles that resulted. It  was really a fun and neat activity – one both Jonah and I enjoyed. AND something he could continue doing while I prepared his lunch!

Haha...just making a silly face!

The look of concentration

See how the blue bubbled up! {The purple spots are after it settled}



The final masterpiece

 Jonah kept saying to me *Mom, this soooo cool* – he had fun mixing the colours {blue and yellow, red and yellow, and even the purple and blue – just made darker blue lol} and watching it foam.

We have put all the stuff aside so we can do it again when Brooklyn is home – this is a great and easy way to do something fun  that doesn’t take a lot of time and is super affordable {vinegar is ridiculously cheap!}.

We love each other

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