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Tie Obsessed – #lotsoflove Feature Post

I’ve mentioned this fabulous company before, you know why? – I LOOOOOOVE *TIE OBSESSED*.

I think every guy should have *at least* one really nice tie….I mean, ideally multiple but at the VERY least, one. Typically when Brent and I are out tie shopping we come away a little less than impressed…and empty handed. I mean there are lots of decent ties out there, but if you are going to spend the money {especially if you are my husband} it’s gotta really catch your eye.

That’s what I love about Tie Obsessed! In fact, I was doing an etsy search for neckties just to see what other sellers were there. I was pleasantly surprised when one tie caught my eye right away – and then I laughed to myself when I realized it was from Tie Obsessed.

True. Story.

Teal Blue Stripe

So keep  your eye out for these fabulous ties in the #lotsoflove Giveaway Blog Hop {and future ones} beginning tonight and if you are looking for a great tie to add to your collection {or your man’s} – let Tie Obsessed be the first place you check!


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