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A Date A Day {& 14 Days Of #Pinterest}

It can sure be a juggling act sometimes – kids, self, husband, home, friends, and of course blogging. How do we fit it all in and still feel like we are giving our best? And really, it’s my husband and kids who need that best the most {one reason I love traveling so much}.  Over the past 9 months or so I’ve really been thinking a lot about the time with my kids, Jonah in particular because he is the one who is home all day.

Admittedly, I am not great at *playing with* kids…My strengths lie more in *doing things* with them – activities, outings, etc. as opposed to joining in on a Barbie or trains storyline. Luckily Brent is great at playing WITH them, so they definitely do get that as well.

I push him on the swing

While I was thinking about it anyways, a situation presented itself about 5 months ago that really confirmed what I was already feeling. Not only that I WANTED to spend direct time with Jonah, but that he needed it. We needed it and would greatly benefit from the time together. Brooklyn too, when she is home to be involved 🙂

I took him for bike rides

So I decided to try and do *A Date A Day* with Jonah….whether it was a trip to the pet store, library, park, or a bike ride…It could even be colouring or doing a puzzle together – just something where he was getting my undivided attention. I was great for a while, then life got really busy and its priority got pushed to the back.

I taught him about the Pedestrian Crosswalk sign

Well it’s at the front again – and I’m committed and here to blog about it. Considering I have a board on Pinterest devoted to *cute kids stuff* I thought it might be a good place to start – I found 14 activites that are simple to make and do and thought I could start with *14 Days of Pinterest* to get this going. These first 14 days will be at home activities, and maybe afterwards I’ll do 14 cookings days or baking, or *going out* activities, etc. But for now, we’ll start here.

I made him hot chocolate {a favorite} and we did puzzles

The thing is, I love these kids. I love being with them and the time that I get to focus JUST on them is priceless. So this is a personal goal I am THRILLED to explore. I’ll post the next day’s activity each night on facebook so you can plan ahead if you want to join in 🙂 Or wait and do it a day after so you can learn from my experience too.

Here we go…A Date A Day

Graphic thanks to Arrows Boutique on Etsy!

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