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I am woman, hear me ROAR!

One of the consequences of having a large pool in the backyard, in a climate that only provides about 2 months of pool weather (if that), is that you have to drain, clean, and put it away in the fall. Sounds easy right? Ugh…

Brent hooked up hoses a couple of weeks ago to help it drain in specified locations (ie the garden), instead of flooding our yard. LOL This is a great way to get the bulk of the water out, but leaves about 6″ of water remaining. The short of the long…IT’S HEAVY!

Brent asked me the other day if I would start emptying the water with buckets so we could get it emptied and cleaned, and prepped for storage. So I set to it….now I have to point out that the water had been sitting for a couple of weeks so it had taken on a bit of a *pond* odour (yuck)…there were tons of leaves and branches and dead bugs…even a water bug (still can’t figure out how he found his way there). It was not an enjoyable experience and I quickly discovered that the bucket approach would take HOURS upon HOURS. So I decided to try and flip the pool myself.


ahh finally sucess!

I’m sure any neighbours who saw me were laughing (though they could have offered their assistance instead lol), because it was quite a sight. But persistence was the key and with each batch of water that went spilling out I found a new motivation and burst of strength. I mean, I’ve never considered myself a wimp – but I genuinely impressed myself this time.

Upon returning from work I said to my husband, *Oh, you owe me sooooo big* LOL

With my masterpiece!

I had every intention of showing a photo of me *roaring* with the upside pool in the background….but my attempts were nothing short of hopeless. And apparently I’m too vain to post them anyways…lol


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