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SEVEN and FOUR! How Did That Happen?!

For birthdays!

My daughter turned 7 just last week, and my son turned 4 today! (My birthday is at the end of the month, halloween to be exact…my age is not important).

I remember when Brent and I were newly married – I wanted to start a family SO badly, but the timing just wasn’t right. He used to tell me *it would happen before I knew it* but I never believed him. It seemed like forever, then with it taking 6 months to get pregnant (with a really early miscarriage in the 5th month of trying) and I thought it would NEVER happen. A little dramatic perhaps, but I just wanted a baby so badly…

And ALL OF A SUDDEN I have a SEVEN year old and a FOUR year old. And no, this isn’t where I announce another on the way (lol), though we do talk of adding another to the family at some point. But I can’t believe how quickly time goes by – the older I get, the faster it goes. The ages of my children is evidence of that!

Though it hasn’t always been a breeze, I truly feel like I have the best kids ever. And I absolutely love being their mom.

Brooklyn is incredibly sweet and empathetic (even crying over the maggots we took fishing while saying goodbye to them…I know lol). She loves being a part of the action and is a night owl like her mama. Being able to stay up a bit later makes her feel like the most important person in the world. She loves making friends and meeting new people, and is always asking for playdates. She loves going out and doing things, and yet also loves to hunker in at home. She loves all things artsy, cooking, sewing, reading, and watching iCarly. She is currently saving for an American Girl Doll, with Kit Kittredge as her main choice. And while she definitely has some personality, and can give me some *at-ti-tude* I adore who she is and love watching her grow up and can’t wait to see where she takes life (no rush though lol). She is thoughtful, kind, and incredibly tender hearted – and I love that she is the oldest in our family.

Jonah is…a boy. Through and through. He loves cars, trucks, trains, and playing hard….okay and it’s not completely uncommon to see him in a princess dress either (curse of an older sister, I say lol). He loves riding his bike and being outside and just playing hard. He is loud and obnoxious and loves to test the limits. And he is so FUN! I love this little boy and seeing his personality develop. He is rough and wild, loves to make people laugh, and is the sweetest boy I know. He is tender and kind, and loves to cuddle up and hang out together. He loves video games, playing outside, swimming, cooking, and watching iCarly. He is an incredible kid…thoughtful and empathetic, and I love that he is the youngest – though I look forward to *hopefully* seeing him as a big brother at some point.

I am sure blessed and love my kids SOOOOO much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best kids around!!! Being a mom seriously ROCKS!

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