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Monopoly Deal *Review*

We LOVE games. Board games, card games, action games, video games, etc. We just enjoy playing them and are often found getting together with friends to play them.

My favorite game of all time is Monopoly, though I haven’t honestly played it in a while because it can take so long. It’s also the game that I only like if I’m winning. Seriously, huge poor sport over here when I’m losing (ie. when I don’t have Boardwalk and Park Place lol).

I was so excited when some friends of ours introduced us to Hasbro’s new card game, Monopoly Deal, and was immediately hooked. We often play it with our friends, or right before bed, and even try and squeeze in a few games during my husband’s lunch break. And embarrassingly, he often kick my butt! Thankfully, because this game goes so quickly I’m not nearly the poor sport I am with the board game (though I still love a good old fashioned game lol). Plus, with the multiple Rent Cards, Deal Breakers, and Just Say No! Cards, the game really can turn around at any time.Though, not often in my favor – In fact, just last night I was teaching another friend the game, and in just two rounds she was beating me. *sigh*

Who knew I’d ever be in such favor of a game I rarely win. *sigh*


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