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Just. Dance.

As we sat in the common area of Seaport Village in  May {2011}, with the live music blaring, the kids playing and dancing, we noticed a man dancing along on his own. Initially we kind of chuckled, making jokes about jumping in and dancing with him – it is kind of funny to see an adult just dancing away on their own. But as I got to thinking about it and watching him, I couldn’t help but be inspired.

It occurred to me that when a child does the same the general response is filled with *oohs* and *aaahs* and sweet smiles and giggles. It’s encouraged and really quite fun to see. But somehow there comes a point when it’s seemingly socially unacceptable or discouraged. And I couldn’t help but wonder not only why, but when. When do we stop encouraging *taking time to smell the flowers* or *taking time to just dance*.

Then I got to wondering about this man…his life…his experiences…and what he knows, has learned, and would say. What inspires him? And what about this day gave him the desire to dance? Maybe he’s ill and wants to make every moment count, or maybe his wife recently passed away and music reminds him of her, or maybe it’s nothing bad at all…perhaps he just appreciates life and realizes it’s much too short to waste and can’t help but dance. He was having a great time, dancing in the sun and enjoying his day.

It’s true, I totally snuck this photo of him while I was taking some of the kids. I couldn’t help it – I had to have one of him…In that moment I was inspired and was grateful to him for throwing away his inhibitions and doing what he wanted. I believe in that…I believe in being happy, in loving, laughing, and living. In dancing. I don’t know who he is or where he’s from. And I hope it’s not offensive to him that I post this photo – if he happens upon this somehow and wants it removed, I will do so. But I had to post it and give a shout out to this man, a stranger to me, because I felt inspired. And of course, I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder to enjoy life to the fullest. No matter your story…



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