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Companies That Give Back #yycflood #companiesgiveback #payitforward

Well if  you follow my facebook page {and Canadian news} you are probably well aware of the devastating floods in Southern Alberta. Calgary, where I was born and raised was hit the worst, with Medicine Hat {lived for first 5 years of my life and visited regularly as a kid} and Edmonton being hit as well. Calgary and the surrounding areas {High River for example} are experiencing mass amounts of destruction and thousands of people are kicking it into high gear to help.

It’s incredible really. Now, I’ve heard about companies in Calgary hiking prices of ice to $20 a bag and hotels increasing their rates by $100 – which, if you ask me is just SICKENING!

But I’m an optimist….a *glass is always full* kinda person {not just half}. And I don’t like to dwell on the negative – it’s just not in my personality. So I’m not going to…..instead of tracking down all the companies doing awful things to take advantage of those already experiencing so much heartache and loss, I’m going to bring you a list {and link up} of the companies who are doing precisely the opposite. Who are making being a Calgarian an incredible thing….showing the spirit of humanity to assist people in rebuilding their lives, families, and communities.

First, to give you an idea of what’s going on, these photos were taken by my dearest friend, Jenny as she, too, jumped in to help. {Shout out to whoever watched or her husband if he parented their 4 kids so she could do it}


Sunken driveway and giant hole – eep


Huge lines passing items from the house to the curb


And this is just the beginning


Because people are awesome….random people would pull up offering to take a load to the dump!

And last, but certainly not least:


The one that breaks my heart….can you see it? The dollhouse…Everyone’s lives are turned upside down

And so without further adieu, here is a most fabulous list of just some of the companies really stepping up to help! People are good!

Counterpoint Dance Academy – has been offering free dance/music/drama/art camps for kids all week who’s parents are dealing with a flooded house or for parents who are helping friends/family with clean up.

GSL Chev Cityoffering free towing and free storage for damaged vehicles until people could get their insurance sorted out

Peter’s Drive In – Offering to cover your tab tonight {27th} if you show up covered in mud from helping

Action Auger – The Gentleman Plumbers – Pumping basements out for free

Christina Bethlehem Photography – offering free family mini shoots to families who have lost their photos in the flood

Canadian Cancer Society – Asking their Cancer patients affected by the flooding to let them know what help is needed!

Tide – a friend heard they were offering free laundry at a Calgary laundromat!

The Home Depot – already has sent EIGHT truckloads of supplies, gave my friend’s parents a 20% discount after learning the items they were buying were being used to help with the flood damage!

Repair Cafe – June 30th, July 2nd, and July 4th – offering to repair {FOR FREE} any electronics damaged in the flood

As one friend said, *there are too many to name* – but I’m sure as heck going to try!

I will update the list as I go!

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