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Scamming the Tooth Fairy

Or keeping the magic alive. LOL

My daughter has it down….she is building quite a little relationship with her tooth fairy. It all started in April when she wrote her tooth fairy a letter asking for a toy. Now, when my friend’s daughter made the same request in exchange for her tooth (instead of money), her tooth fairy replied saying “I am not Santa Claus” Heehee. Anyways, Brooklyn had not at that point not even lost a tooth (I know!)…but I guess her tooth fairy must think she’s pretty special because the next morning there was a PS2 game under her pillow (I sure hope she shops at walmart during their sales). She also left a little letter telling Brooklyn she wouldn’t be able to bring presents all the time but that she sure loved getting her letter. Naturally, Brooklyn wanted to write her the next night, but we reminded her that the Tooth Fairy is very busy so she waited….a couple of months ūüôā In June, after our trip to Disneyland, she wrote the tooth fairy again. Knowing that she had saved for 2 years for this trip (she really did….just call her the bottle collector!) but had just spent it on the holiday, the tooth fairy left her some money to put towards the other items on her want list.

Shortly after this, she wrote again….but this time the Tooth Fairy simply wrote a letter telling her how special she is….and expressed regret at not leaving anything this time.

I’m thrilled that she is building this relationship with her tooth fairy – there is something pretty magical (and so special) when she comes bounding up the stairs with pure delight holding the letter and any gifts that were left. They are only little once…I wish I had thought of it as a kid!

This is the little stamp the tooth fairy leaves at the bottom of every letter

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