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Some Etsy and Ebay tips

I am a huge fan of Etsy. Okay let’s face it, I’m just a huge fan of online shopping. I am constantly finding companies and products I am DYING to try – and love passing the word. I am finding more and more people that know about Etsy (which is great) but I’m also finding that lots of them are intimidated to use it or actually purchase from a shop…OR don’t know where to start. So here are some things to look for:

1. Feedback rating – for obvious reasons 100% is the ideal situation but if there is an item you come across from a seller with less than that, look at why. I personally never go below 99% – for personal reasons. I’ve never had a negative experience (okay scratch that, I’ve had ONE but had nothing to do with feedback) and am not about to start. Thankfully every Etsy seller I’ve come across has been 100%!

2. Look at the shipping costs – I find Etsy sellers are generally pretty reasonable in this area – as crafters we know that people don’t want to pay for our product AND a whole swack on getting it to them too. Besides, it’s not difficult to see what the postage fee was when the package arrives. I have received shipping related refunds from ebay sellers if I’ve noticed a significant difference in what was charged and the cost. I’d rather pay more for the product….

3. If you are not confident in the actual purchasing of items, ask a friend for help.

4. Shop around! Don’t just go with the first results you get. Be patient…look around…and make sure the product is what you are looking for and that there is a good return policy should something be wrong (fit, etc.)

5. Add items to your favorites – this is by far my favorite tool. I often just add a whole bunch of things so I don’t forget about them, and go through them every once in a while to keep them organized. Though I rarely actually delete anything – instead I end up browsing through the shops again. LOL

5. Have fun…there are so many awesome sellers out there that really pour their heart and soul into their work. Have fun with it…Be inspired…and take a chance!

Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know. I’m a big *etsyer* and am constantly browsing to find more fantastic items to share! I have a looooong list – so stay a while!

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