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Fancy Time in Kelowna #ManteoResort #thesearethedays

After checking out of our *not fancy* hotel, we got ready to visit our cousins at their {soon to be ours} actually fancy hotel. Jonah even got his fancy manners on :

fancy manteo resort these are the days cute like me kelowna

They were both SO excited ~ in fact, when I asked Brooklyn after camping what her idea of a great holiday would be, she said, “A fancy hotel with a pool and a twirly slide!” Little did she know…

I was smitten right away. The resort itself is beautiful and huge, and the views are stunning.

Manteo resort kelowna cute like me these are the days okanagan lake

Manteo resort kelowna cute like me these are the days okanagan

The pool area, although smaller than we anticipated {considering the size of the resort}, was awesome. There was the pool with twirly waterslide {for Brooklyn, no doubt}, a splash pad and kiddie pool area, plus two small hot tubs. We all had a blast and spent the better part of 6 hours there both days.

manteo outdoor pool waterslide kelowna cute like me these are the days

We loved playing in the water with the kids and laying poolside, while watching them make memories together. And then, ordering food and drinks to the pool {like we had done in Mexico} made the kids feel extra spoiled. #spoiledrottenistheonlywaytobe

Merman these are the days cute like me manteo kelowna

{Sidenote: Doesn’t Jonah look like a Merman?}

Because we were on the arrival list for later that day, we were able to use the facilities as hotel guests, rather than visitors of guests. I’m not sure it made a huge difference for our experience {except being able to take out towels lol}, but the staff was awesome made me feel like we were welcomed guests.

We surprised the kids finally and their reactions were perfect, though afterwards Brooklyn was a little upset we were staying two nights because she wanted to see her other cousin back at home {Seriously….kids can always find something to complain about. haha}.

Ours was a one bedroom suite {the LAST room available when I booked}, which ended up being so nice because of the kitchen ~ and of course the separate bedroom. And somehow, in that huge resort, we got booked in the room right beside my cousin! In fact, sharing a door in between our rooms, which was fabulous! But how does that happen? Crazy right?!

While there were things we would change {another day, another post}, we would stay there again. We really did have a great, relaxing time, and made some great memories. And there is no denying it is a stunning location. Our only regret really, is not having more time to discover more, both on the resort and around Kelowna.

okanagan vacation guide cute like me these are the days kelowna manteo resort

Photo from Okanagan Vacation Guide {a site I just discovered, but plan to use in the future!}


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