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Sign Me Up For The Selfie Revolution

In a time when self image seems to be at an all time low, seeing someone post selfies makes me happy. Let’s face it, people rarely post photos of themselves they don’t like so  it feels like they are saying *hey, I like how I look in this* – which to me is pure gold. 

I’m such a huge fan of the selfie revolution and not just because I’m a selfie nut, an addict if you will. Ha! I really do love them…I think they are fun and if you get the right angle, can be confidence boosters too.

Also, if it weren’t for selfies (and the odd family photo), it would look like I never existed on any of our family outings. Many memories have been made with my kids, while trying to take photos together and those are moments I wouldn’t trade.


My camera roll was already often filled with numerous selfies, and then I started selling Younique. Hahahaha….doomed ~ they are the perfect way to showcase the amazing mineral makeup and skincare products. Oh help me. (But seriously, can we take a minute to appreciate these Epic Lashes??)



And then I got a ring light.



I can’t get enough of the selfie shoots and have way too much fun with them. Nevermind being able to share the experience with friends. 



It’s true, a monster has been born….and I’m not sad about it!


Also, you need a ring light too:

Canada – HERE, USA – HERE


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